Friday, August 13, 2010

loading up

Uhaul-Left Side

 Tomorrow we get to move into our apartment. 
Today the girls are anxiously awaiting sleeping on their new bunk beds.
We are so grateful that my parents are here to help.
 The move also means that Lincoln will resume sharing a room with his sisters.
I am kind of afraid that one of us will get lost among all of the boxes.
I am praying for patience as we finally get settled in to our new space, we are all going to need it.

some exciting news for my blog:

Next week I will be celebrating my 200th post!
I have TWO guest bloggers and some other fun things planned (giveaway?) for next week! 
Have a good weekend!



lifemoreabundant said...

oh so happy for you and sad for the gulf at the same time. we've become so used to you being here. You'll have to come back and play.

maemarie said...

Just read your post. So hope you get all moved into your new apartment!

diane said...

Thanks, we will make our way over to gulf to hang out again. We have some great memories from our first St. Louis home.