Sunday, July 11, 2010

so very fairy

We had a little celebration before we moved. It was a fairy celebration for our sweet six year old.

door decor

She requested a fairy theme, with a fairy hunt, a fairy song written for and sung to her and her guests by her daddy, and toadstools for her and her guests to sit on while having cake at a matching toadstool table.

We had a pretty tight budget and a short amount of time to pull the party together. In the end, we were able to grant all of her requests, be resourceful and most importantly, give her a special memory with some of her besties before our big move.

My inspiration for the invitations and the fairies came from some blogs I follow in my reader. The favors came together while walking through Hobby Lobby and while searching through my stash at home. The toadstool table and chairs and the fairy craft came together during a trip to the dollar store.

The Invitations:

fairy party invitations

My inspiration for the invites came from The Willows Home blog. I already had all of the supplies on hand to create the invitations. I wrote each of the guest's names on the front and all of the party info was listed on the back. These were hand delivered to the guests, which was a definite highlight for the birthday girl.

The Fairies:


I found the idea for the fairies at this inspiring blog. This was another budget friendly project; my only expense here was time. They were very easy to make with strips of fabric, mod podge and some acrylic paint. I made enough for each of the guests to find one on the fairy hunt and an extra for the birthday cake.

The Favors:

fairy basket favors

We headed to Hobby Lobby when the baskets were 50% off and picked up some small baskets for the favors. Then, I headed to the wood section at the store and we picked out some "accessories" for the fairies. Pictured below: spools, bowls, a rolling pin, flower pots and a plate.

fairy favors

The girls and I decided the fairies also needed a leaf to sleep on, so they drew me a leaf shaped pattern that I then used to cut leaves out of green felt. We found the fabric yo-yo "pillow" and the felt flower "placemat" in the girls craft supplies.

The last item to go in the baskets was a fairy sized toadstool.

toadstools in the making

I had the spools left over from another craft project and the wood bowls also came from Hobby Lobby. I painted the bowls red, hot glued them to the spool upside down and then asked the girls to paint white dots on top.

fairy size toadstools

Toadstool Table and chairs:

I purchased a plastic table cloth at the dollar store and the girls and I covered it with white circle labels from Office Depot.

The stools are made from boxes of oatmeal covered with white paper. Then we taped red plates, from the dollar store, on top and covered them with more white labels.

toad stool table

Fairy craft:

make your own fairy craft

I found some butterfly wall decals at the dollar store. I thought those would make perfect fairy wings and the colors were just right for our color scheme. I cut triangles from some thrifted fabric, then the girls glued their fairies to purple paper and added faces, arms and legs.

make a fairy

I knew this would happen: Right before the guests arrived we received a call from a realtor to show our house at 1pm. The party started at 11am, so that gave us about a two hours to celebrate with 6 girls and get the house ready for showing.


So we fairy hunted, fairy crafted, serenaded, and celebrated and had a great time. Then my dear friend arrived and took all the kids outside, while Jeremy and I ran through the house cleaning. Then another dear friend arrived and started hauling all our extra clutter out to our car, and she lit all the "make the house smell nice for the potential buyer" candles for us.

That was the fastest post-party clean up I have ever experienced.

fairy cake

the party

fairy party

toadstool table

It is always fun to hear how others celebrate birthdays. Do you have any special traditions you do with your kids? Do you have friend parties or family parties? Please share!


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i think those little wooden faeries are incredibly cute. i just love them! i can't wait until my daughter is old enough to have parties like this.

Glenn Welling said...

I just had a great time with a circus party but I NEED a girl to do stuff like this for. Can't I just borrow the girls for a while a do fun girly stuff with them?

Kimber-Leigh said...

diane, this is all darling. i am going to have to remember some of these ideas :)

walkers said...

Diane- i stalk your blog from sara all of the time- i want to be you! you are so brilliant with your crafts and it is so obvious what a good mama you are. i also love your house- have you sold it? blessings on you and your sweeties! adrianna

Susie Mellen said...

Diane, you are my craft hero!!! you do the cutest things... Love your blog and all your ideas!!!
-Susie Mellen

kristine said...

wow! that is so cute! i'm so impressed!!

my name is carey! said...

Adorable - coming from Tip Junkie
With Joy, Carey

Sew Flippin Cool said...

I've included your post in a featured list on fairy princess parties on my blog, The Handmade Experiment. Check it out and thanks for the great inspiration!