Friday, July 2, 2010

how we're celebrating

St Louis skyline


This time of year we talk about parades a lot at our house.

In the past, we attended a nearby neighborhood parade on the Fourth of July.

July 4th, 2008

So much to see: a band, old cars, pets, candy and the mayor

July 4th 2009

Very exciting for these two.

We found another neighborhood parade to check out tomorrow.

The girls (and our sweet neighbors) have been preparing for the festivities all week with impromptu parades up and down the sidewalk.


It's a pretty great venue, lots of shade


a great view and plenty of grass for the onlookers


if two's a company, three's a crowd, what's four? A parade!


and the fifth will get his first parade tomorrow
and next year
he may be waving a flag like our neighbor
last year's July calendar like his sister


Hope you have a Happy July Fourth.

Ride your bike in a parade and go see some fireworks.

See you next week!



Kimber-Leigh said...

happy 4th diane! (love the chalk drawing...and the calendar! so funny.)

Sharon Morginsky said...
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The Morginskys said...

so cute! i LOVE the last shot of the bike and chalk arch. very good shot. hooray for neighborhood parades!

diane said...

Thanks Kimber-Leigh, Jeremy drew the arch and the skyline and Stella drew hers next to it. I LOVE it!

Happy Fourth to your family!

diane said...

thanks for your comments on the photos Sharon, I was SO excited about them!

Kristi said...

happy 4th! celebrate for me too!

ps. i just heart that photo of the flag.

Kristen said...

the photo of stella with the calendar is amazing! love it!

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post. The chalk drawing. The photos. The beginning and end photo of E on her bike. Great composition!

diane said...

thanks for all of the sweet comment about the photos. They are definitely some of my favorites.