Thursday, May 20, 2010

giving gifts

I am way behind on giving gifts.

One of my goals before we move is to make a dent in my list of gifts for our friends and family.

I have quite a ways to go, we still have Christmas gifts to deliver.

This afternoon, I packaged two baby gifts and one birthday gift.

One of the babies just turned one, so that makes me about a year behind.


Just a little piece of my day today.


kristine said...

here's a tip: if you don't wrap them so dang cute you could probably give them on time. at least that's what i do :) give 'em so fast you don't even wrap them and just say, "here, i didn't want it to be late!" :) your stuff is adorable. i think the packaging makes up for anything belated!

Anonymous said...

love, love, love my fabric. and the packaging

diane said...

Hi Kristine, I am definitely hoping the packaging makes up for the lateness.

Thanks for stopping by!