Friday, April 23, 2010

we heart austin


Thanks to Priceline, we were able to have a fun family getaway to Austin, earlier this week. We had three things on our agenda for the trip.

1. breakfast at Jo's coffee

2. cupcakes at the airstream on South Congress

3. take girls on train at Zilker park

We arrived Sunday, grabbed a bite to eat at Hula Hut, then took the girls for a swim at the hotel. Monday morning we went Jo's coffee for breakfast- check. Big sister picked up on the fact that the locals walk a lot to their destination, so she requested we walk around South Congress-way to assimilate to your location girl! We walked our way to the cupcake airstream-(who needs lunch? we're on vacay!) but bummer, it's closed on Mondays. We found another cupcake bakery near the capitol, called Delish, so sorta check, but the cupcakes were great. After our "lunch" we took the kids over to Zilker park. The girls explored while Jeremy played Coldplay on the outdoor instruments at the playground and I snuggled our cutie pie. And the big finale to our little excursion was the train ride-check.

What are some of your favorite places to visit on a road trip?


Genevieve said...

Love the pics! Who took that one of the whole family? I love priceline. We use it for getaways too!

maemarie said...

We heart Austin too! Lovely photos. The family one is perfect- that green wall is wonderful!