Friday, April 2, 2010

the current state of things...

While we were on our two week trip a few weeks ago, our bathroom was being remodeled, nothing fancy, but a definite upgrade from it's current state. The process just takes time, and that means our facilities have not been functional since we have been back. Thankfully we do have a potty most of the time. We have been toting our toiletry things to our friends houses for all showers and baths. And that means the green grocery bags I purchased from HEB that I always forget to take with me are getting some use.


I guess the extra time spent traveling for facilities has thrown me off my game and made life feel a little more chaotic.

My parents did travel here for a few days to assist in other projects, like fixing up our "backroom," (thanks dad) and getting all of the clean laundry put away (thanks mom), among many, many other things.

the "backroom" in process

So here it is Good Friday and I have done nothing to prepare for our Easter celebrations. Thankfully we have a Good Friday service tonight, and later I hope to pull out the Resurrection Eggs. Then we will have a brunch with our church small group Sunday after worship.

I will be sure to snap some photos of all the celebrating and of the kiddos in their Easter diggs.

The word is that we will be able to use our shower this weekend too. YAY!

And that means I will be back on my game and share some fun posts next week. In the meantime, it does me good to remember that Easter is about Jesus and his resurrection, and that some day all things will be made new, including my good intentions.