Friday, March 5, 2010

go get 'em

Jeremy took the girls to the zoo this week while the little man and I hung out together. He has been spending quite a bit of time mastering his play gym.

I put him down on the floor, before he got started with the gym, he had to practice his jedi levitation skills.

using the force

mastering the LEKA Ikea gym 1

He enjoys his workouts a lot more than I enjoy mine, which, if I am completely honest, I don't really do.

mastering the LEKA Ikea gym 2

mastering the LEKA Ikea gym 3

mastering the LEKA Ikea gym 5

Go get 'em tiger.

mastering the LEKA Ikea gym 6


Meghann said...

Haha, these pictures make me laugh. He is too cute. And I love the play-gym!

Em said...

He is so cute! Did Jeremy's mom make this quilt. It is really nice. She is so talented!

Jeanneoli said...

Too much cuteness!!!!

Jamie said...

Cute. Is the play gym home made?

diane said...

Hi Em, my aunt made the quilt, she makes one for all of the great grandkids,

Hi Jamie, we got the play gym at Ikea. He loves it!