Monday, March 15, 2010

duck tape and jonathan adler

The girls got a package in the mail last week. It was full of supplies for the girls to create several of the projects in our Kid Made Modern book and Green Crafts for Children book.

One of the supplies was duck tape to create the first project on the docket, the colorful satchels found in Kid Made Modern, created with duck tape and priority mail envelopes.


So many colors of duck tape in a tall pretty tower.

My mind began to buzz with other ways to use this tower in our creative endeavors. A quick flip through some of my inspiration files led me to search for Jonathan Adler and all of his beautiful, bright pillows.

So, first we will make the satchel, then perhaps the duck tape wallet. And after all of that practice I will be able to tackle these new ideas.


Anonymous said...

I always love walking by the aisle and seeing all that wonderfully colored duck tape. Maybe we'll have to pick some up to do some crafts with.

Kimber-Leigh said...

thanks for the book recommendations...we always love new crafty things to try!