Friday, February 12, 2010

making valentines

We have been busy getting ready for the girls Valentine's Day parties.

happy heart day

I cut paper, punched circles and cut out hearts.

valentine supplies

and Emma lined her cards so nicely, just like Martha would.

all in a row

I was a little concerned about the modge podge, I wasn't sure how it would dry with the felt, especially after it oozed through to the other side of the heart.


Thankfully it dried nice and clear.

almost finished

Pretty pinks and turquoise.

Unfortunately, both mothers day out co-op were cancelled today because of the weather. The girls don't seem to mind, they are so excited about the light layer of snow covering our city today.

The are currently playing outside before it all melts away.

Today we will make salt dough hearts, then on Sunday, we will have a family Valentine's Day party. I am so excited about the party! Now if I can just figure out how I will run all my special errands with the girls at home.

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