Tuesday, January 19, 2010

thirty one years

When I woke up this morning, I forgot it was my birthday.

I was feeding Lincoln when the girls came in to our room. My first question to them was, "have you finished eating breakfast?" They said, "no," and stood in the doorway. I went back to feeding Lincoln, clueless until I saw Jeremy come in our room with the breakfast tray.

31 years on this earth, always the same day, and today I forgot.

The light blue plastic tray reminded me.

This afternoon, a man came to the door, while Jeremy and the girls were outside, in our side yard. The man was knocking persistently. I did not recognize him so, while holding Lincoln, I walked over near the window and shook my head "No" to communicate to him, "No, I will not open the door to a stranger (that is unless you are wearing a brown or navy uniform and you come bearing a package)". So he saw me shake my head, then he said something which I did not understand. That is when I decided to walk over to the window and look for Jeremy outside. Then seeing I was looking for someone, he said through the window, to my 31 year old self, holding a baby, "are you looking for your daddy?" "Is he outside?"

And, well it just seemed simpler to nod my head and just say, "yes", so I did.

As for the celebrating, my family took me out to Chuy's for dinner...yum!

And the family gave me a beautiful necklace designed by her and purchased here, a super fun Waco shop.





Kristen said...

happy birthday, diane!

Jeanneoli said...

I hope it was a wonderful day!!! Your little Lincoln is just gorgeous;-)

Kimber-Leigh said...

happy birthday diane :)

Lee Ann said...

or your...Sugar Daddy

Hilarious story! I wish I had a single year of my life that people thought my age was w/in the same decade of how old I am.

sarahross said...

Come on up and I'll teach you to crochet! :)

cheryl said...

that is just hilarious, diane! you will forever get that i think and the older you get the more welcome those comments are! ;)
hope your day was fantastic!