Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas '09

We celebrated a lot this Christmas.

Christmas 09

Our family enjoyed a slow morning of coffee, cinnamon rolls and a yummy breakfast casserole.

our family 2009

For lunch, we headed over to our dear friends house and celebrated with 6 other families, such a special way to spend our last Christmas in Waco. Good food, good drinks, good friends.

After lunch, we had a white elephant gift exchange, a rigged white elephant gift exchange that is.

Everyone was in on it, except Jeremy.

Jeremy went first, I went last.

Jeremy opened up a Dwight Schrute head stress ball. Who would want to steal that?

When my turn came, I stole a gift from our hosts, who then stole from Jeremy.

That left Jeremy with the only option of picking the last gift from under the tree.

It was heavy. We all "guessed" it was probably a bag of sand or bricks or something.

But, all of his sneaky friends and his wife, new it was something much better.

Much much better.

The thing he had jokingly told me he wanted, knowing it was way out of our budget.


An XBox 360 Modern Warfare edition!

A gift from so many of our dear friends and family, many who were not there to see him open it. This surprise came together in just a few days. The original idea was for to get him an XBox as a going away present when we leave for seminary, but our friends thought it would be so fun to surprise him with this on Christmas.

And it was fun! He can still hardly believe it.

Then, the next day we headed to Houston to celebrate with my family.

Along with adding 2 new members of the family this past year.

five grandkids

We started a new tradition...

Derby Car races.

The men and children made and raced the cars.

derby cars

Yes, ours are the ones on the left, the low tech, we "ran out of time" and "the girls made theirs all by themselves" cars. The ones on the left belong to my brother and 2 nephews. Jeremy gets the award for most creativity 5 minutes before the race. He added some cardboard and thumbtacks to his block of wood.


A racetrack on the stairs IS pretty cool.


Finish Line

The crowd gathered at the finish line.


Special derby car cookies make the event all the more memorable.


Here's to celebrating with family and friends.


Meghann said...

Oh wow! I love the track for the derby cars! That looks like so much fun. I would have done the same thing as you, with the stockings...I always cram too many projects into a short amount of time, thinking I have more free time and am faster at sewing than I really am.

I know what you mean about the nothing-fits-when-you're-nursing stage. It gets so hard to find cute things to wear...I was so frustrated for the longest time. This shirt is my new favorite - Luke got it for my Christmas Eve gift (new jammies), and it's from Victoria's Secret of all places (I never shop there...I'm more of a Gap body gal). I guess it's part of their lounge collection (???). It's really easy to nurse in and I just snugged it up around my midsection instead of wearing it like a nightshirt - hides all of my post-baby fluff wonderfully.

Meghann said...

How did you make that collage of photos at the top of the post?