Monday, June 1, 2009

our weekend...

reading books about dinosaurs

playing the pizza game

drying freshly painted fingernails

making homemade tortillas

swimming in the sandbox

Let's see what's missing...

Me getting frustrated while cooking the homemade tortillas.
Jeremy getting frustrated over my "to do" list.
The girls shouting and screaming at one another, "Go To Sleep!"

Too name a few...

As I was thinking about this post and looking at the photos of some really sweet times, the reality is our weekend wasn't perfect. We were impatient and easily frustrated with one another. Then our hearts were convicted and we confessed to one another and forgave one another. The Lord is so gracious to give us these sweet memories despite our ugly hearts.


Kelsey said...


Such a beautiful truth that God redeems our daily sin. Your pictures are beautiful; it's fun to see your family even though I'm not in Waco! I loved finding out on Facebook that you have a blog. I've just been trying to revive mine, so you'll definitely serve as inspiration!

Have a wonderful night! :)


the 10th kid said...

I love that your recent posts have had so many photos! I cannot believe your girls are growing so fast! Also, I know it's true that the Lord gives us so much grace and changes us completely. I think that's what makes us able to appreciate the simple, beautiful times we do have. Hope your day is wonderful!

sarahross said...

How true! You guys are so sweet, glad to see your blog going again!

Swartz's Scribbles said...

Isn't that true, and encouraging! Your girls are beautiful. I miss seeing you around. Blessings.

Jeanneoli said...

So true. Even with all the sounds like a perfect weekend!