Thursday, June 11, 2009


5 has been a pretty important number around here lately. Since last Wednesday, Emma has taken on the roll of being a 5 year old with much enthusiasm and energy...good thing because this little girl has had quite a few new experiences.


For example:

Her first dress rehearsal and dance recital. Her first time to ever stand on a stage and perform. We were so proud of her. She loved it! And for me, I can't tell you how fun and amazing it was, as her mama, who danced for years, to dress her up in her costume, sit with her in rehearsal, hang out with her in the dressing room, touch up her make-up, and watch her perform. All of the memories come flooding back. It's good to be a mama.

dress rehearsal:

back stage of recital:

Her first swim lessons. It has been fun and scary for her. She made a sweet new friend the first day. She is brave and cautious. This is new territory for us.


Her first jewelry box, with a ballerina dancing.


Her first set of classics to read: Little Women, Heidi and Black Stallion. I think it's time to sign her up for the summer reading club at the library.

and, I had to include a photo of Stella, especially this one.


I love these girls so much.

Speaking of 5, tomorrow, we find out if the fifth member of our family will be a boy or a girl.


Anonymous said...

I am crying looking at these pictures and reading how wonderful of a mother you are. I can only hope that someday, I get to ask you advice about being a mom. Thanks for being so great D. You are the best sister-in-law. Love-Janee'

cheryl said...

Wow - she is 5! She is so beautiful and how fun for you to be a part of all the new things she experiences! I love having girls - what a gift!

meg duerksen said...

that photo of the jewelry box and her in background?
it is just so cool.
stopping by some of TCB's features....missed reading here. congrats on the baby BOY! how exciting.