Saturday, March 21, 2009

bits of our homeschool

A little corner in our dining room with an inspiration wire and a table just their size.

homeschool corner

Some of our supplies...

building and sorting


There are so many reasons why I love our curriculum. One in particular is the classical music cd. If you scroll down on the page you will see it. The description states that "Classical music comes alive for children as they listen to a sampling of musical selections and participate in 15 different activities: painting to music, dancing to a waltz, creating with clay while listening to Bach, Mozart, and others."

I have been introducing one song at a time. First on the list was a song by Debussy. We focused on listening to this song over a few days. Then I introduced the activity, which was to watercolor to Debussy. I gave the girls actual watercolor paper to paint on, which we all agree is much more fun then regular paper.


A book Emma made from our "N is for Nest" series.

A House is a House for Me book

A fabulous puzzle, not a part of our curriculum, but great for little and old ones alike. The girls received this as a Christmas gift last year.

super fun puzzle from Land of Nod


Jeanneoli said...

I miss those early schooling days...luckily my third will be coming into it soon.

SamDaMan said...

Wow great your kids have been working on some great Art Projects. Are they naturally this talented?