Tuesday, September 16, 2008

she's 2!

She turned 2 today!

She requested (a few times) that we sing Happy Birthday to her, "sing happy birday to me" and an adorable grin covered her face as we sang her the song. She has also mentioned a few times that her cousin Robert, who is 1, is going to tickle her.

Stella has some lovely and newly developed habits. She now naps with her boo bunny, the soft little bunny with a frozen insert for bumps and bruises. Boo bunny only joins her for naps and trips to the library. At the end of the day, when we offer her boo bunny for bedtime, she declines, so we return he/she to the freezer overnight and retrieve it the next afternoon for naptime.

And her other little morning routine: when we get her up in the morning for breakfast, we not only get Stella, but her elephant, her piggy, her pillow and her blanket. The she snuggles with us and her entourage for a little bit until breakfast.

Happy Birthday Stella!


sarahross said...

Happy Birthday Stella!

Kimber-Leigh said...

happy birthday stella! what a precious picture of her! can't believe she is two!

Laurel MacD said...

Been blog surfing a little bit and found your blog - Your style is beautiful - I loved all the pictures of your home. I plan on being a regular. Happy Birthday little one.

The James Family said...

Happy Birthday Stella! She is too, too adorable. Both of your girls are. And that is too cute about bringing all of her "friends" to breakfast.

Suzanne :)