Monday, July 28, 2008

music monday

Around here bath time and meal preparation usually lead to listening to music from our high school days. For Jeremy that usually means selections from bands that had mosh pits at their concerts and others. The music review has included selections from the subdudes, the flaming lips, weezer, bad religion, 311, red hot chili peppers, david bowie, helmet and primus. Although taste and tolerence have changed over time, we still enjoy what we can. And in case you are worried, Primus and Helmet, were very short lived in our musical review.

We found this on yahoo over the weekend. Such a cool idea! Check it out, the link is below.

Listening to "Say It Ain't So"
Jamming with Weezer and 250 of their closest fans.

I begin an online photography class today, I am so excited to learn how to use a camera. I will also be updating the d.reeves design house blog with some recent projects. I will post the link here.

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sarahross said...

I had the best time watching those Weezer about bringing back memories of highschool! Gonna have to bust out the old viola and play along sometime. Hope you all are well.