Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a bit of a review

Our household stayed super busy this May and beginning of June and the craziness will continue. We have celebrated mother's day, a wedding and a first birthday and of course a fourth birthday. We have been to the museum. We have enjoyed the company of old friends and look forward to more visits from friends over the summer. We have rearranged furniture and zipped through Ikea in an hour (thanks to a shopping list spreadsheet created by Jeremy, how else is that possible?).

I have enjoyed beautiful new Amy Butler paper, thanks to Jeremy and the girls and I competed a mini album full of awesome photos from scrapbookpictures.com.

Mother's Day Tea at preschool:

Uncle Jason and Aunt Shannon's wedding:

Our nephew Robert's first birthday:
Binocs and magnifying glass-birthday gifts from the grandparents:

at the children's museum:
Yeah for Amy Butler paper products:

alright, I am one tired momma...off to bed!

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Kimber-Leigh said...

you HAVE been busy! but it looks like ya'll have had tons of fun! love the pics from the mother's day tea...what a sweet idea!