Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Some photos from the past few weeks.

While in Tulsa for Thanksgiving, all of the girls spent some time in the craft room. Emma made this gingerbread man.

Then she carefully practiced drawing stitches to decorate his legs.

Then she drew the stitches on the gingerbread man.

Then she made a snowman for her Aunt Nay to take home.

This past Sunday, Emma put this puzzle together completely by herself, for the first time ever. Good job Emma!

Stella is walking all over the place and hamming it up every chance she gets....just like her daddy.

I caught her putting her baby in the high chair to feed her, then she changed her mind and fed herself instead.

She is learning lots of signs these days, it is so fun to teach them to her. So far she knows, please, more, all done,

dirty, clean, thank you,

baby and our favorite...

Daddy, sometimes signed with 2 hands, resembling a moose.

A few photos of the Thanksgiving table...

This week I will be posting about a great new stamp storage product that I am using-so stay tuned!

Also, I will share some Christmas projects I made using d. reeves design house products too!

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