Monday, November 19, 2007

all work and no play...

that is usually what happens when I have a lot on my plate, but not this time! Jeremy is wearing off on me. There is still room for fun, no matter how many boxes stack up each day.

A few weekends ago, we took Emma to a Justin Roberts Concert at the Children's Festival held at the Woodlands. We loved it! I am not sure if Emma completely understood the whole concert concept. Her favorite part was running around in the grass. Afterward, we got to meet the band and get their autographs. Maybe we will become groupies.

More photos to come...

Emma had her first preschool performance. Her class sang at a fund raiser for the school. Love it!

We went to a Harvest Ball this past weekend at our church. Lots of families and little kids. Emma running around with her friends, Stella in the Bjorn, like the other babies, dancing with their parents. We learned a lot of group dances. My favorite is called the Charleston Stroll...I think that is the correct name. Anyways, this was the second, of hopefully many more dances to come in the future. Love that our girls got to experience it.

And, I had a good mail day. These are crucial and I must have a least one good mail day a week. Wouldn't that be nice? I have had several lately. Some I can't share because it involves Christmas gifts-I don't want anybody peaking. But I had to share that I just got my Life Artist book in the mail-perfect for browsing on our upcoming road trip.

These inspire me...

OK, off to bed.


happydays525 said...

You STINKER!!!! I have mine ordered through our local bookstore and it's BACKORDERED!!!! Errrrr! =) Oh well, guess I'll be all the more happy when it does come in. Looks like you had a blast dancing and at the concert, it's good to take a break for fun ya know! =)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jen Davis

Kara said...

diane-you have amazing taste!! i loves those books too!! :D