Tuesday, May 1, 2007

red tuesday

I went to Micheals today to check out the new Martha stuff, I love it. The kids stuff makes me want to start a rainy day activity basket for the girls. I bought a little kit for Emma to make a puppet and these little flags for the 4th of July. There were also these great big red, white and blue paper stars...so cute. I have missed Martha by Mail, so it is fun that these products are now available.

The red Ikea sofa. I remember when we got this a few years ago. I wanted a khaki sofa, but Jeremy really thought we should have some color in the living room. At first I was paranoid about the hint of orange in the red. I was worried people would come over and say, why did you by an orange sofa? silly, I know. Now I love the color, it fits with our home. Ikea no longer carries this slip cover...too bad, now their red is a much brighter corduroy. The only hard thing is finding fabric with a similar red, We found the blue vintage floral fabric at a store, called Turkey Feathers, in a tiny town called Comfort, Texas. They had the best fabrics.


Jerusalem said...

Great reds! I haven't been to Micheals yet but I hear the MS stuff is great. Did you know Lowes now has a new line of her paint colors? So exciting! Thanks for playing with me!!

Carl said...

Yeah, the hint of orange in the red just doesn't really work. I understand the paranoia. :-) Just joking. Looks great!

Nancy said...

I love the red sofa and wanted one from Pottery Barn.... but I'm much to chicken and nearly not bold enough to go red. But it works so easily and now I want one.

Kimber-Leigh said...

I'm sad we no longer have a Michael's here...I've been dying to check out Martha's stuff!
And how funny...we've had a very rainy week, and I was just telling Brent how I wanted to come up with some fun ideas for rainy days!

stephaniehowell said...

had to say hi.
love your albums, i'll be at crop paper in june to take the class for sure.
my mom and dad live in waco and we just moved to harker heights.
you've got a new blog reader! =)