Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Reeves in Print

So, this is a picture of an article about our family and our friends the Barnards in a local magazine called the Wacoan. It is about our "Best of Waco" club. You can read more about that on our family's blog here. The Wacoan discovered our little club by reading our blog. I am still not sure how they found our blog...I am assuming by googling "Best of Waco." Anyways, we did not expect the article to be so big, it is a feature article in the magazine. The top right picture is also pictured on the Table of Contents page under the word "Feature." The article also talks about our families, our blog and the entry about Stella being born on the bathroom floor! Seems like it all comes back to her crazy birth.

Things have been busy and exhausting around here lately. Last week, I did some work for my Dad's company. Four times a year I help him out with mailing a bunch of packets for one of his clients. It is a great way to earn some extra income, but the week the packets need to be mailed ends up being very busy. I think Stella was about to have a growth spurt last week too, because I think I fed her all night long almost every night last week. Also, Emma has also gotten back into the habit of getting out of bed SO many times at night and during naps-ughhhh, that can be frustrating. So it has not been very restful for our family either.

I have been working on a new scrapbook product. I set up an appointment to meet with the owner at my scrapbook store to see if she would be interested in selling them. The appointment was last Friday, which meant on top of printing, folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping lots of packets for my dad, I was busy making samples to show my product. I am excited about the product and have been taking lots of pictures of my samples to post on the blog. I am also excited to say that I made my first sale! and I will be teaching a class this summer with one of the items.....awesome. I have no idea what teaching the class will be like. I have only attended one class before.

I guess this post is sort of a catch up post it seems. Stella is going to be 6 months on Friday! I can hardly believe it. We will be heading to Houston to celebrate my Mom's b-day on Friday, then I will spend the week in Houston with the girls. I try to spend a week at my parents house and at Jeremy's parents house with the kids each year. We hope this will help build a strong bond between the girls and their grandparents.


tracey fields said...

that is super cool!!!!!!!!!!

amydrake10 said...

Diane, who knew your fun little club could make you famous? How fun!

Sarah Ross said...

Oh my goodness, your blog entry hit a chord with me! I have been frustrated this week with Addie and Jackson getting up all night. Nice to know I'm not alone.

happydays525 said...

SO cool about the article and way to go with your *new* product, your first sale and teaching classes this summer! All of this is awesome! You should be so proud! Exciting times those growth spurts...hang in there! :)